Social Leader Forum 2014 has started in Georgia with the Kick-off Meeting!

The Social Leader Forum 2014 has started with the Kick-off Meeting in Georgia from April 24 to April 29.

23 fellows from civil society initiatives, public institutions and the business sector from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey met at the beautiful lake of Bazeleti. They discussed the social challenges and ways of social innovations and cross-sector cooperations in the region.

Additionally, the meeting was supported by guest lectures of the Regional Director for the Caucasus and Turkey of DVV international,Martin Klingenberg, alumni of the Carl Friedrich Goerdeler- Kolleg from Georgia and Mariam Kobalia from the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

Main part of the meeting was the matching and planning of the work visits. Here, two to three fellows teamed up to design a one week cross-border/cross-sector visit. In these work visits, the fellows have the chance to get to know the working field of their partners, exchange on best practice and develop plans for a future cooperations.

The work visits will take place between May and September and will be evaluated at the Final Reflecting Meeting from September 24 to 28 in Turkey.



Social Leader Forum: training for facilitators and coordinators in Berlin

From March 13 to 15, we conducted a training together with the BMW foundation and MitOst in the framework of the Social Leader Forum for 20 facilitators and coordinators from  Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany, Latvia, Romania, Russia and Turkey. 

With the support of various guest speakers, we discussed the social challenges in their home countries and how best to meet them. Social Impact orientation, fundraising through donors and crowds and pro bono approaches were further issues, the participants worked on.

On the website of the German Foreign Ministry, you can find now an article on the training.

We are looking forward to our next event, the Kick-off in Georgia in the end of April!



Call for Applications (DEADLINE EXPIRED. NEXT CALL: January 2015)

The Call for Applications for this year's Social Leader Forum are open until March 16! For more information and the application form, go here.



Final Meeting of the Social Leader Forum 2013 in Turkey

Istanbul, November 2013 - From November 22 to 27 the final meeting of this year's Social Leader Forum took place in Turkey.

22 fellows from the Social Leader Forum (the cross-border program of Joint Civic Education) 2013 came together in Turkey for their last meeting of the program this year. Between May and October, the fellows teamed-up with each other and conducted 13 one-week cross-border study visits and worked on joint cooperation.



Besides evaluating the study visits, additional inputs and workshops were given on the topics of fundrasising (by German fundraising expert Anne Stalfort), foundation funding (by Markus Lux, Deputy Head of Department/Head of Section Civil Society and Good Governance of the Robert Bosch Stiftung) and the concept of pro bono (by Ilsabe von Campenhause, Senior Manager in the BMW foundation).We thank therefore all our guest speakers for their great contributions!

Also, the fellows discussed the relations between the population, informal groups and the NGO-sector and the meaning of the new developments for their work.

We proudly looked back on a successful program year of our fellows and looking forward to the Social Leader Forum 2014!



Analysis of the Impact of a Community and Democracy Education Programme

Joint Civic Education and its impact have been assessed by the Centre for Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg. In order to get an impression of our work and impact in the region, please find the publication of the Analysis of the Impact of a Community and Democracy Education Programme in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey here.

Lecture of the Executive Director of the BMW Foundation at the Social Leader Forum

Bazaleti (Georgia), April 29, 2193. Markus Hipp, the Executive Director of the BMW Foundation, lectured at the Kick-Off Meeting of the Social Leader Forum about Social Entrepreneurship and Cross-Sectora Cooperation. He encuraged the participants to also go into politics as civil society activism alone will not foster social change the most effective way. For the participants, this lecture was one of the meeting's highl lights.

Protests against greenwashing of copper mining in Armenia

Lori region, Armenia, May 2013. EcoLab has been misused in a reportage in favour of Teghut copper-molybdenum mining project of Vallex F.M. Establishment. Please see the statement on behalf of the EcoLab project, its partner organisations and donors concerning the misrepresentation of the project, its partners and donors' names. Access the video reportage here (in Armenian).

Call for Applications 2013

Fellows for the Social Leader Forum

The Social Leader Forum focuses on professional exchange of best practice and promoting interdisciplinary dialogue among civil society actors from the Caucasus region. The civil society in the Caucasus region is facing many challenges concerning development, sustainability, cooperation and in the relation with the population. Together, we want to openly address these obstacles and work on common solutions. For specific questions, please contact Mr. Gerrit Kraemer, coordinator of the Forum:

Click here for the Call.


 DEADLINE: March 4, 2013

Radio Liberty journalist visits Joint Civic Education

Tbilisi, December 29 - Ia Antadze is a well know journalist in Georgia. She is respected for her analysis and became famous for her blog. After the parliamentary elections in Georgia she was the first and the only one to whom Bidzina Ivanishvili, the leader of the "Georgian Dream" coalision and winner of the elections, gave an interview. Her statements about the current political situation in Georgia very much impressed the fellows of Joint Civic Education's Cross Border Program 2012 who come from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey and who got an impression what excellent political journalism is about.

Swedish diplomat lectures for Joint Civic Education

Tbilisi, December 29 - Peeter Kaaman, First Secretary of the Swedish Embassy to Tbilisi and Representative of SIDA - the Swedish International Development Agency - lectured for the Fellows of Joint Civic Education's Cross Border Program 2012. He gave an insight about the activities of SIDA in the region and explained its funding strategy. As he was also official observer to the parliamentary elections in Georgia this autumn he entered in a vivid discussion with the audience about the chances and limits of political changes, and the role of civil society.

Joint Civic Education prepares for 2013

Berlin, December 2012 - Joint Civic Education has launched empowerment programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia (Northern Caucasus) and Turkey (Eastern Anatolia) to support young people's civic involvement and to qualify them in a way that no school or university can match. Moreover, the social leaders involved in our programs will have the chance to meet colleagues from the other countries involved and, doing so, have the opportunity to enhance their scope of action.

For further information and for how to apply, click here.